Reliv Independent Distributor
Reliv: A Lifestyle. Choice 
You're here for a reason, right? 
Probably because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Look I don't have any cures, but your body requires good nutrition and proper lifeystyle choices in order to stay healthy. 

So here are some questions that you just might be asking yourself right now:
Is this product affordable? Does it taste good? The answer is YES!
Can i buy what i want?  Can i stop anytime i want? YES
Next question: What are some of the"'neccessities" that you must find a way to pay for?
Tithes, Rent, Electric, Gas, Medical Insurance, Cell phone,Cable, Water, Car, Food 
Last question: Why then is health management not in the top ten? Top five?
Just the basics are available for around $100.00/month or just $3.65/day
I'll be willing to bet that $3.65/day is less than what you spend on coffee per day.
So.....What are you waiting for? Get started today! And maybe, just maybe, you too will be on your way to healthy changes in your life.... 
I'll work for you and with you and together we will change our lifestyles.
So long for now, looking forward to hearing from you real soon! 
Be healthy, be safe, be vigilant and God Bless! Mark
P.S. Why do i do this business? Because i really love people!